I am Alice. 

I enjoy understanding other people and am always up for a good laugh. 

I have a dog named Joy, a cat named Italy (I still call her kitten even though she’s 3 years old now), and a guinea pig called Pumpkin who gets extremely excited about grass.

I am young, but old enough to wonder about the world. I often think irrationally, but hope that I can structure those thoughts out logically (one way or another).

I like to think outside the box where possible and find ways to challenge the status quo. The biggest compliment to a writer is having my own ideas challenged, and so feel most free to disagree with me.

I currently study law, philosophy and economics, but I enjoy reading as widely as possible and always finding out new things about the world.

I am a pianist, composer and a music teacher.

Life and society intrigues me, and I hope I can inspire the same curiosity in you.