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Music doodle: an old one, with a new recording and a new name: “If I were a music box…”

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Recording #1 - Valse, from Amelie

I made this recording on the same day I started playing with recording gear for the first time and was very excited to hear the huge improvement in audio quality. Here is a rough interpretation of a song from one of my favourite movie soundtracks.

It’s also quite remarkable just how different the sound is, between what you’re hearing as you play (and what you think you’re projecting) with what is actually heard.

The art of communication can be quite funny like that. A performer will have his audience’s ears in mind when he plays. Sometimes when we communicate we’re so obsessed with what we think we’re trying to say that we forget about what the other person might be hearing - and how to bridge that disparity.

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Music Doodle #4 - New Day

A wonderful friend has lent me some recording equipment, including a sassy microphone that picks up sound crystal clear. Very excited to be working with it.

I felt like one was due for the new year, so here’s a simple one to say cheers! to every new day that awaits. 

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Music Doodle #3 - Kate’s Etude

A short one - I had just finished teaching a few piano students this morning (one was called Kate) and it always surprises me how children can draw so much fun and character from deceivingly ‘simple’ things using just their imaginations.

This one is in C major and combines one of my favourite intervals (the major 10th) in the style of an etude of some kind (a study piece that most people find tedious) so the idea was to make something simple and where simple ≠ boring (hopefully!).

Will be flying to China on Tuesday so this will be the last one until next year… *fingers crossed* I keep this up when I get back, and with better recording equipment too!

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Music Doodle #2: Lullaby 

This one is an experimentation in harmony changes: Em - B7 - G - A, and then C - G - B7 - Em.  The random background noises (the snap and then the bell) is from my cat getting a bit curious with my laptop!

I’m so terrible at coming up with names for pieces, soon they’ll be called Lullaby No. 19 in G minor W183 or something (if you’ve ever played classical piano, you’ll understand my pain: “what are you playing for the concert?” “oh, just Sonata in C Major by Mozart” “which one?” “KV330” “er… let me just find my KV catalogue”). 

Hopefully investing in a proper microphone for this project soon, yay! Currently using my MacBook mic which isn’t as crap as I thought it would be (although the quality is still kinda ugly, sorry) but a recording mic will mean a range increase (the laptop mic only wants to pick up the higher octaves) and it will smooth out the notes and be much less clunky :)

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Alice wrote a song!

I’ve decided to do a music doodle (it’s not really ‘writing’ a song cause it doesn’t actually get written down) every week that I have access to a piano. I don’t play enough and hardly ever write music anymore so this is my way of making sure I have a weekly date with my piano :)

I used to be a huge perfectionist with my music and I’d only ever finish about 5% of what I would start - so my challenge to myself is to come up with something and then record it, all within a space of 30 minutes. They’re not meant to be particularly creative or perfectly done but the idea is to keep them simple and fun (and finished!)

This is the first one! Let me call it ‘Just for Fun’ until I come up with a better name.

Just for Fun: written in E major. The whole piece is based around a repeated baseline and some twirly things in the RH melody :)

Oh yeah, and my piano is a little out of tune… ah well, can’t be helped!

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